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1.Before use

For hospitable use of Kogakugiken Corp.'s website (hereinafter referred to as "site"), please read the following notifications and use only visitors who accepted this policy.
Also, the content of "about use of this website" shall be changed without a notification depends on necessity.
Each time for the use, please read the latest contents.
We have carefully checked listed contents, but there are some cases that the contents has been ant wacky or failed. Please be noticed that the perfection of the contents can't be guaranteed.)
We don't take any responsibility for trouble, loss, detriment, etc. that caused by using this content.
In case of linking to your website, please contact us in advance.

2.About browser

In using Windows
It recommends to operate Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater Or Firefox1.5 or greater.

In using Macintosh
It needs to operate Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater Or Safari5.0 or greater.

3.About use of Java Script

We have adopted Java script for the customers to use our website with convenience.
In case of using our website with cancelation of Java Script, occasionally the contents are not operated properly or the pages are not indicated.
In case of using our website, please use our website without the cancelation of Java script.

4.About copyright

The copyrights of facts, picture, illustration, word and image, etc which listed in our website are attributed to Kogakugiken Corp. and the content provider.
Such information can't be used for reprint, copy, broadcast, public transmission, translation, sale rental, etc. without Kogakugiken's permission, other than for "personal use", "quotation" and other uses permitted under copyright laws.
If there is another owner of copyright without Kogakugiken, the permission is required. Also, with regard to abstract and summary, copyright matter could cause.