Large Aperture Polarizers, such as Glan-Thompson Prism, Rochon and Wollaston Prism, Savart Plate, Nomarski Prism

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Large Aperture Polarizers
  • Large Aperture Calcite Glan-Thompson Prism
  • Large Aperture DUV Glan-Thompson Prism
  • Large Aperture Rochon and Wollaston Prism
  • Large Aperture Savart Plate and Nomarski Prism etc.

Large Aperture Crystals

Large Aperture Polarizers

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Polarizer made of crystal has high extinction ratio, but large crystal is only a few, therefore, a large crystal polarizer is not so much.

We are a professional manufacturer of crystal processing, and therefore, we have held a variety of large crystals, allowing production of large crystal polarizer.

Large Aperture Polarizer is manufactured upon your request. Please contact us, If you are looking for a Large Aperture polarizer not in a catalog.

Large Aperture Calcite Glan-Thomson Prism,
           DUV Glan-Thompson Prism

As shown in the figure below, we have a large calcite crystal. We are able to fabricate a large Aperture polarizer(Glan-Thompson prism, Glan-Taylor prism, etc.)with this material. It is difficult to grow large synthetic calcite. Therefore, we must use natural calcite for the manufacture of a large optical element. However, large natural calcite is very rare.
The material of DUV Glan-Thompson prism is not calcite but synthetic crystal, the crystal size is a Φ3 inch, L= over 100mm. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture of somewhat large DUV Glan-Thompson prism.

Large size calcite ingot

Examples of Large Aperture DUV Glan-Tompson prism

Large Aperture Rochon and Wollaston Prism

We have other kinds of large anisotropic crystal in addition to calcite. Rochon prism and Wollaston prism can be made from small birefringence crystals.
Therefore, for example, Large aperture MgF2 Rochon prism or large aperture crystal quartz Wollaston prism can also be manufactured.
Of course, It can also be made a Wollaston prism with a large size calcite and other anisotropic crystals.

Large Aperture Rochon and Wollaston Prism

Large Aperture Savart plate and Nomarski prism etc.

Generally, the manufacture of Savart plate and Nomarski prism is required high processing accuracy than other polarizing elements.
We also made a large diameter products of these polarizing elements.
Technician specializing in processing of crystal will make the large aperture and high precision polarizing element.

Nomarski Prism