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Large Aperture Waveplate

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For large-diameter optical system, such as astronomical observation equipment , high resolution inspection equipment and ultra high power laser , Large Aperture Crystal waveplate is useful.

We can product the Large Aperture Waveplate up to Over Φ150mm.Our Large Aperture Waveplate are made of large crystals.

It is not mosaic (Tiling) structure which is composed of small pieces of waveplates. Therefore, there is nothing to interfere with the light in the clear aperture.

Large Aperture Waveplate/Large Aperture Achromatic Waveplate is manufactured with custom-made. To your request, we will make a proposal of structure, design and manufacture.

Type of Large Aperture Waveplate

It can be a large diameter for the waveplate of Various structures, Zero-order(Double plate), Multi-order(single plate, Low-order with base plate), achromatic, super-achromatic(Pancharatnam type), etc.

Zero-order Waveplate

Achromatic Waveplate

Super-Achromatic Waveplate

Schematic Diagram of Super-Achromatic Waveplate

Schematic Diagram of Super-Achromatic Waveplate

Transmitted Wavefront Distortion

We can measure the transmitted wavefront distortion of large optical element by using a large-aperture interferometer.
As can be seen from the figure below, we can propose a structure focusing on Transmitted Wavefront Distortion.

The measurement example : the CAφ100 waveplate

PV 0.097 WAVE
rms 0.014 WAVE
Power 0.004 WAVE
Size X 100.4 mm
Size Y 100.4 mm

Large Aperture Interfermeter

Measurement of Retardation

We have confirmed the Retardation of Large Aperture Waveplate by the measurement.
As can be seen from the figure below, the wavelength dependence of the Retardation can also be measured.
Therefore, the Retardation of the achromatic waveplate can be measured.

Measurement example of the distribution of Retardation

Measurement example of Retardation

AR coating

We can also deposit the AR coating on the large aperture waveplate. This AR coating is cared about the distribution of the reflectance.
The following figure show the AR coating for a single wavelength, but We can deposit a wideband or other type AR coating.

Measurement example of the distribution of Reflectance of AR coating