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Kogakugiken's products have a good reception from customers in the world.
Also we offer wide variety of optical components by deferent materials, experimental technologies.
Our product lineups are UV waveplates, UV polarizers and UV Nonlinear optical crystals.
For specific applications, we have recently produced large aperture products by an integration of mister's technique and measuring technology.

UV Product Lineups

UV Waveplates

UV Waveplates

Waveplate is used to control polarization state of polarized beam.
We provide complete lines of waveplates, include wide field angle waveplate, achromatic waveplate, zero order waveplate by using various kinds of materials.

VUV, DUV Wide Field Angle Waveplate VUV Achromatic Waveplate DUV Achromatic Waveplate MICRO THIN Waveplate

UV Polarizers

UV Polarizers

Polarizer is used to change un-polarized beam into linear polarized beam.
Our polarizers have high transmittance and high extinction ratio between DUV and IR.
We produce various kinds of polarizers depend on customer's applications.

DUV Glan-Thompson Prism DUV Customized Polarizers for Laser QL Polarizer WoG Polarizer VUV Thin Crystal Polarizer

UV Nonlinear Optical Crystals

UV Nonlinear Optical Crystals

Nonlinear Optical Crystal is used for harmonic generation, frequency conversion, optical parametric generation, Q-switching, etc.
We offer CLBO crystal and Long-life THG LBO.

CLBO Crystal
(We are only one company for processing the CLBO in the world.)
Long-life THG1064nm LBO Crystal

Large Aperture Products

Large Aperture Waveplates

Aperture Waveplates

For large-diameter optical system, such as astronomical observation equipment and ultra high power laser, Large Aperture Crystal waveplate is useful.

Large Aperture Zero-order Waveplate Large Aperture Achromatic Waveplate Large Aperture Super-Achromatic Waveplate

Large Aperture Polarizers

Aperture Prism

Crystal made polarizer has high extinction ratio, but large crystal is only a few, therefore, a large crystal polarizer is not so much.

Large Aperture Calcite Glan-Thompson Prism Large Aperture DUV Glan-Thompson Prism Large Aperture Rochon and Wollaston Prism Large Aperture Savart Plate and Nomarski Prism etc.

Large Aperture Crystals

Aperture Crystals

Upsizing of nonlinear crystal is one of the effective approach to the generation of high-quality, high-power ultraviolet light. Since the beginning of development of CLBO crystal, we have processed this crystal.

Large Aperture CLBO crystal and
LBO crystal