Long Life THG LBO (LiB3O5 Crystal with AR coating)

Long-life THG1064nm LBO Crystal

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Lithium tri borate (LiB3O5 or LBO) is a typical nonlinear crystal for the SHG or THG of Nd: Lasers at 1064nm, a key-parts in the solid state UV Lasers.
Although LBO has excellent properties as high damage threshold and so on, some serious problem exist as THG crystal, that is, its surface with AR coating get worse or broken by high power UV beam irradiation for short time.

Our highly advanced polishing and coating technique, and a good combination between them create "Long Life THG LBO".
Our Long Life THG LBO achieve 2 or 3 times as long as our conventional sample, and improved resistance for UV Laser.
Our Long Life THG LBO that we have supplied are mounted on the high power UV Laser processing system around the world.

Just for reference, adhesion of its AR coating satisfy tape test "MIL-C-48497A" (, and as humidity test, the LBO sample satisfy its specification after exposed to a temperature 25℃ and 50℅ relative humidity for 300 hours.
We can customize crystal angle and size except standard specification according to your request. It is available to re-polishing and coating for LBO crystals that you supply to us.


Long Life THG-LBO ; Standard Specification
  Third Harmonic Generation (THG) - Crystal for Nd : LASER
Materials LiB3O5 Crystal
Phase maching parameter * Type Ⅱ THG for λ = 064nm, 532nm → 355nm
Crystal Angle(deg) θ ± 0.25, φ ± 0.25, e.g. θ =(42.7), θ= (90)
Size(mm) ** W ± 0.1 × H ± 0.1 X L +0.5/-0.1 ; W=5, H=5, L=20
Clear Aperture(mm) φ 4
Transmitted Wavefront, PV(λ) ≦1/8 @ λ=633nm
Flatness, PV(λ) ≦1/8 @ λ=633nm
Parallelism(arc second) ≦20
Surface Quality S/D = 10/5
Coating AR coating on both sides
Rfrectance R≦0.2℅ @ λ=1064nm, R≦0.5% @ λ=532nm, 355nm AOI=0 deg
* Type Ⅰ THG is also available.
** Size is customizable to request. Re-polishing and coating are also available for LBO crystal you supply.


AR Coating Reflectance Spectrum