CLBO crystal is an perfect non-linear crystal and a key-parts for high-power UV laser

CLBO Crystal

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Extending your visible Laser to UV

CLBO crystal was created by Dr. Mori and Dr. Sasaki of Osaka University in 1993.

This crystal is an perfect non-linear crystal is a key-parts for high-power UV laser.
However, in order to process the crystal is very advanced manufacturing techniques are required. Since the dawn of this crystal, working on this challenge, we are now the only company in the world that can be processed in this crystal.

For the frequency conversion element that we have prepared are mounted on the UV Laser for the semiconductor inspection equipment around the world.

CLBO Standard Specifications

Materials CsLiB6O10 Crystal (CLBO)
Application 266nm Generation 213nm Generation 193nm Generation
Crystal Angle (deg) θ ± 0.25, φ ± 0.5, e.g. θ=(45), φ=(61.9)
Size(mm) 5 X 5 X 10mm
5 × 5 X 15mm - -
Size tolerance W ± 0.1 X H ± 0.1 X L ± 0.2
Clear Aperture(mm) central 80℅ of the diameter
Transmitted Wavefront, PV(λ) ≦1/8 @ λ=633nm
Flatness, PV(λ) ≦1/4 @ λ=633nm
Parallelism (arc second) ≦20
Surface Quality S/D = 10/5
Chamfer ≦0.2mm (45°)
Chip ≦0.1mm