The DUVGTPr of our company is a Glan-Thompson prism which light transmittance to a shorter wavelength.

DUV Glan-Thompson Prism

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The reason the wavelength region which can be used as light polarizer is large, it is the optimal light polarizer for a spectrophotometer or an ultraviolet lamp light source use.

"DUV Glan-Thompson Polarizer" is a completely different structure as compared with the common Glan-Thompson prism polarizer. Calcite is not used, Only using a transparent material to a ultraviolet light region, the part which is usually an adhesive layer is transposed to a crystal, and it is assembling by optical contact.

From the reason for the above, a DUV Glan-Thompson prism shows the characteristic which was excellent in the usual Glan-Thompson prism also by the short wavelength side.
However, it is not in the polarizer for high-power laser, because each components are assembled by optical contact.

Please do not use it as much as possible to laser of λ≦ 200 nm.


Comparison with the conventional type

Transmission Spectrum

Field Angle

Although measurement result of the Extinction ratio in DUV region is difficult,
it shows an example of measurement.
Wavelength(nm) 195 199 396 532 633
Extinction ratio(dB) 49.9 48.8 57 58.4 58.5

Standard DUV Glan-Tompson Polarizer

Product No. Clear Aperture
*Extinction ratio
***Beam deviation
*Field of View
DUVGT-08 φ8 φ24.9×52.7 ≧50
≧80 ≦2 5.5
DUVGT-10 φ10 φ29.9×61.7
DUVGT-12 φ12 φ34.9×72.7
DUVGT-15 φ15 φ34.9×84.2
*This is a specification of Extinction ratio and Field of View at Wavelength λ=633nm.
**This is a specification of Extinction ratio and Field of View at Wavelength λ=190~1900nm.
***According to request, Beam deviation is customizable.

Schematic diagram of DUVGT-15

Schematic diagram of DUVGT-15

Available on special order

·DUV GT-Bidirectional Type
·Size customization
·Anti-reflection coating

Available on special order