VUV Achromatic QWP/HWP provide high accurate phase retardation over wide Vacuum UV range (λ=160~250nm).

VUV Achromatic Waveplate

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Achromatic QWP/HWP is waveplates which is consists of different kinds of birefringence crystals to give fairly constant phase retardation over the wide range of wavelength.

Our skillful polishing technique and highly precise optical measurement create VUV Achromatic QWP/HWP, which is specially designed as to provide high accurate phase retardation over wide Vacuum UV range (λ=160~250nm).

As VUV Achromatic QWP/HWP is consist of two kinds of birefringence crystals, it has much better achromatic characteristic of the retardation than traditional Quartz and MgF2 crystal waveplates over VUV region.
Phase retardation data measured highly precision by UV polarizers would be attached with delivery of VUV Achromatic QWP/HWP.

Two types of VUV Achromatic QWP/HWP are available, Optical contacted type and Air gap type. The advantage of the Optical contacted type is high transmittance and compact size.

On the other hand, Air gap type excels in high power light as LASERs but inferior in transmittance.

Both type of waveplate are mounted in adhesive-free holder specially considered vacuum environment, but Optical contacted type is available without the holder.
We can customize wavelength range, clear aperture, and size except standard specification according to your request.


VUV Achromatic QWP/HWP ; Standard Specification
  VUV Achromatic QWP VUV Achromatic HWP
Surface Quality S/D = 10/5
Transmitted Wavefront, PV(λ) 1/4@633nm
Wavelength(nm) 160〜250
Retardation 90 180
Retardation Tolerance(λ) ≦±10 ≦±15
Retardation Spectrum Fig.1 Fig.2
Clear Aperture(mm) φ16 φ16
Holder Diameter(mm) 35 35
HolderThickness(mm) 7.5 7.5
Structure Optical contacted Air gap Optical contacted Air gap
Coating No No No No
Transmittance(%) ≦70% (≦40%) ≦70% (≦40%)
Transmittance Spectrum Fig.3 - Fig.3 -
*Transmittance for Air Gap Type is supposed value.




Fig.1 Retardation Spectrum of VUV Achromatic QWP

Fig.2 Retardation Spectrum of VUV Achromatic HWP

Transmittance Spectrum

Fig.3 Transmittance Spectrum of VUV Achromatic  QWP/HWP with optical contact Type (measured)